Robert Jennings
Aliases/Nicknames: Bob Jennings, Bobjenz, Robert, Bob
Credits: Actor
Portrays: Grapefruit, Grapefruit's Sister, Grapefruit's Second Cousin,Grapefruit's Mailman, Liam the Leprechaun, Ginger, Mistletoe, Cantaloupe, Egg Roll
Friends: Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance: Annoying Orange 7: Passion of the Fruit (as a portrayer), Annoying Orange: The Onion Ring (as himself)

Robert Jennings (also known as BobJenz or Bob Jennings)is a voice actor who has played Grapefruit, Grapefruit's Sister, Grapefruit's Second Cousin, Grapefruit's Grandpa, Grapefruit's Mailman, Liam the Leprechaun, Ginger, Mistletoe, Cantaloupe, Zoom, Egg Roll, and Strawberry, Butter in the Annoying Orange series. He is one of the most used voice actors. He runs four Youtube channels: Bobjenz, Bobjenz2, LiamtheLeperchaun, and ZombieGeorgeWashington.

Characters Bobjenz has played[2]EditEdit

Name Death First Appearance
Grapefruit Yes (but was brought back to life after being turned into FrankenFruit, as well as being revived two more times) Passion of the Fruit
Liam the Leprechaun

No (but almost)

Luck o' the Irish
Himself No (became an onion ring in the episode) The Onion Ring
Grapefruit's Sister Yes Grapefruit's Revenge
Grapefruit's Second Cousin Unknown
Grapefruit's Grandpa
Grapefruit's Mailman Yes
Ginger Yes (returned as a ghost) No More Mr. Knife Guy
Mistletoe (actually Liam the Leprechaun in disguise) No, but caught in an explosion Wishful Thinking
Cantaloupe Yes (brought back to life after being crushed by tanks) The Amnesiac Orange
Grapefruit's Nephew


Food Court
Zoom No, but the soft drink inside him squirted out thanks to Orange causing him to feel worn out ZOOM!!!!
Egg Roll Yes (possibly, because of his screaming he was probably eaten) Fortune Cookie
Strawberry Yes Kitchen Carnage

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