Image Name YouTube Summary Notes
Ep7 Annoying Orange 7 Annoying Orange finds true love...until Grapefruit shows up. First appearance of Grapefruit.
Revenge Grapefruit's Revenge Grapefruit returns to get revenge...or does he? Grapefruit himself does not make an appearance; instead his sister appears for the bulk of the video, with his grandpa, second cousin, and mailman appearing in the end.
Grapefruitvs Leprechaun Vs. Grapefruit! Liam the Leprechaun has to grant Grapefruit 3 wishes in order to get his pot o' gold back! First appearance of Grapefruit in The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun.
Limericks Lousy Limericks Liam tries reading his Limericks in a Leprechaun night club - good thing his Boss and Clover are there to heckle him! Grapefruit only makes a small cameo to tell a limerick of his own; however, he didn't prepare for it.
Frankenfruit Frankenfruit Orange and the gang tell scary Halloween stories! Grapefruit appears as the head of the monster Frankenfruit. This would indicate Grapefruit as having been "resurrected". At the end, when the Halloweenie kills Frankenfruit, Grapefruit survives; in the outtakes, Grandpa Lemon farts in his face.
Themesongattack Theme Song Attack! Orange finds out that everyone has a theme song except him. Grapefruit only makes a small cameo during Orange's theme song. (Grapefruit was fighting with lightsabers with Orange.)
Wonderfullife Wishful Thinking Orange wishes he had never been born, and gets his wish!

Grapefruit appears, but does not have a large role. (He tells a strawberry watermelons with machine guns attacked him and he tried to stop them, when in reality, it was just Midget Apple.)

Foodcourt Food Court Liam the Leprechaun returns to get revenge on Orange by taking him to court. Grapefruit himself doesn't make an appearance; instead, his nephew appears on the witness stand and his mailman appears at the begining and end.
Wazzup blowup Wazzup Blowup Orange interrupts a VERY important phone call. At the end, Grapefruit (possibly not, seeing as he is discolored) joins the Wazzup chanting with Marshmallow and Grandpa Lemon.
Fiends Best Fiends Forever Grapefruit moves into the kitchen, and goes too far when picking on Marshmallow.
Kung Fu Orange Kung Fruit Coconut, a master of Kung Fruit, begins a reign of terror by taking over the kitchen. Luckily, Orange finds an unlikely Ninja mentor under the stove. Grapefruit plays a minor role as Coconut's sole supporter/jester.