Grapefruit's Sister
Grapefruits Sister
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Credits: antagonist/death spot
Portrayer: Robert Jennings
Years: 2010
Death: knifed
Family: a possible son, a brother, a second cousin, and a grandfather
Friends: Grapefruit Orange Grapefruit's Grandpa Grapefruit's Mailman Grapefruit's Nephew Grapefruit's Second Cousin
Enemies Knife
First Appearance: Grapefruit's Revenge
Quote: "You killed my brother!"
Grapefruit's Sister appeared in Grapefruit's Revenge as the episode's antagonist. She had come to avenge Grapefruit's death, who she thought had been caused by Orange. She met her own fate in an almost identical assault to that of Grapefruit's at the end of the episode.